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ARCM-SAM means AIG Regional Cooperation Mechanism (ARCM) for the South American region, with the mission of “supporting States, upon request, on all matters relating to the aircraft accidents and incidents investigation.”

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Lima, Perú - 26-28 de octubre de 2019

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Novedades sobre las actividades del ARCM

Primer plan de trabajo conjunto ARCM – GRIAA

Se firmó un MOU que confirma y complementa la carta de intención acordada en marzo en México. Después de la primera carta de intención

presentacion AIRBUS

AIG-SAM/5 summit: fruitful work meetings

Sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Directorate of Colombia (DGAC), through its Aviation Accident and Incident Research Group (GRIAA), from O

Seminar of South American investigators in Lima

From September 3rd to 7th there was an important meeting at the ICAO Regional Office in Lima, Peru, between investigators representing the 13 Sou

First Safety Recommentation

First Safety Recommendation of the ARCM

Included in the final report of the IV Meeting AIG / SAM-4. It aims to mitigate the number of accidents or incidents included in the category "Tr