Argentina will chair the Regional Cooperation research group

Argentina will chair the Regional Cooperation research group

The authorities of the accident investigation bodies (AIG) in the region to participate in Buenos Aires of the “Second Meeting AIG-SAM / 2”, approved the establishment of a AIG Regional Cooperation Mechanism (ARCM) for the South American continent, with the mission of “supporting States, upon request, on all matters relating to the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents.”

The agreement is the result of over a year and a half of intense analysis and discussion by the authorities of the bodies (AIG) of all countries of the “SAM” region under the coordination of the Lima Regional Office in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which outlined a strategic plan ad hoc, with different phases for implementation.

In the minutes of training ARCM / SAM also agreed to appoint the president of the Accident Investigation Board of Civil Aviation (JIAAC), Pamela Suarez as president of the Executive Committee for a period of three years, “with the possibility of renew his appointment for additional periods of three years and with the tasks set in the operating organization and functions of ARCM, approved by AIG-Conclusion SAM / 02-01 “.

The AIG-SAM / 2 meeting held in the country for the first time, was organized following the second day of debate on the “Contribution of Investigation of accidents to safety” convened the JIAAC with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Nation, by deAlejandro Ramos and Minister of Interior and Transportation, Florencio Randazzo.

The group of experts who worked on the formation of RAMS, in turn, was led by the Head of Operations Department of the JIAAC, Daniel Barafani, who was responsible for presenting the project as a ‘working paper’ in the last global Conference ICAO, held last February in Montreal, Canada (2HLSC).

From there, a detailed analysis of the situation AIG SAM and the benefits that would be achieved with the creation of a “Regional Cooperation Mechanism Investigation of accidents and incidents” as one of the forms of a held regional organization (RAIO), which was presented at the Second Virtual Meeting of Authorities AIG, the November 27, 2014.

It was reported that the region is one of the areas with the lowest effective rate of application (EI) Standards and Recommended for investigating aviation accidents and incidents, especially in the following ways: policies and procedures for the investigation; elaboration, completion and release of the final report; organization, staffing and training of personnel; processing, disclosure and registration of recommendations and reporting of data on accidents and incidents (ADREP).

Furthermore, it was concluded that although the South American Region “has made efforts to reduce the rate of accidents in recent years, it has increased slightly in 2014 in relation to the rate of 2013, so it is necessary to know the precursors or deviations that led to accidents and incidents so that they can mitigate “and to meet the goals of the Declaration of Bogota which are to reduce the accident rate in the region and achieve 80% of successful implementation (EI).

“The latest results of the audits indicate that several States do not have the resources to investigate the full range of aviation accidents and incidents or to carry out comprehensive data on accidents and incidents that are received analysis,” the experts . Thus, the establishment of the regional mechanism RAMS, “might be the only solution to achieve the implementation of an effective system of investigating accidents and incidents.”

The second meeting AIG / SAM will end with the presentation of the report, the formalization and signing of the agreements reached.

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