First Safety Recommendation of the ARCM

First Safety Recommendation of the ARCM

Included in the final report of the IV Meeting AIG / SAM-4. It aims to mitigate the number of accidents or incidents included in the category “Track Excursion” (RE – Runway Excursion), in a harmonized manner for all the States of the region.

The first Comprehensive Safety Recommendation (RSO) for all the States of the SAM region proposes to “generate and / or intensify appropriate actions in the stages of training and instruction” among its air service operators.

The proposal arose as a result of the work carried out by an ad hoc multinational group, presented as NE 11 at the recent AIG-SAM / 4 meeting in Brasilia, Brazil. The “track excursion task force” of the ARCM analyzed the totality of events included in this category during 2016, as reported by all the countries of the SAM Region.

The general RSO of the ARCM indicates that “States must promote mitigation measures to generate and / or intensify adequate training and instruction among their air service operators during the initial or recurrent training stage, which allows crews to identify and act on the variables that make up the triggers of a RE. Emphasizing that in the instruction be taken into account the particular analyzes of the airports where the flights and types of aircraft are made“.


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