ICAO Regional Symposium on Safety Management

ICAO Regional Symposium on Safety Management

Authorities of member countries of the ARCM gathered at the South American office in Peru for the annual meeting on security management issues with leaders from the North America, Central America and the Caribbean (NACC) regions.

Under the slogan “The road towards achieving effective management of Operational Safety”, from Tuesday 13 to Friday, March 16, 2018, the Symposium SM2018 NACC and SAM took place at the ICAO SAM Regional Office in Lima, Peru. , which brought together authorities and representatives of aeronautical and research organizations from the two major regions of the continent: North America plus countries in the Caribbean and South America.

The meeting aimed to “provide participants with ideas on how to effectively implement the State Security Program” (SSP), including the development of action plans for their implementation in the regions; and “perform a supervision of the security management systems (SMS) of their service providers”.

The opening was in charge of the new Regional Director of the South American Office of ICAO, Fabio Faizi Rahnemay Rabbani, who shared the opening speeches with Julio Siu, Deputy Regional Director of the NAAC office, Catalin Radu, Deputy Director of the Navigation Bureau Aerial of ICAO and Juan Carlos Pavic Moreno, General Director of Civil Aeronautics of Peru.

The workshop was organized in 7 working groups, with a focus on the “current challenges in security management facing the international aeronautical community”. Among the authorities of AIG agencies of the ARCM, the National Director of Investigations of the JIAAC, Daniel Barafani, was told in Group Discussion 3 on “Promotion of operational safety”.

In the same panel was Rodolfo Pinto, Head of Airworthiness of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Chile and Inspector of the Regional Cooperation System for Safety Oversight (SRVSOP), together with the Executive Director of ALTA, Luis Felipe De Oliveira and Juan Thomas, director of ASCA of the Dominican Republic.

In other working groups, different topics discussed included such as: “Benefits and challenges of the management of Operational Safety from the perspective of States and service providers”; the “Interaction between the State Operational Safety Program (SSP) and the Operational Safety Management System (SMS)”; “Protection of safety data, safety information and related sources”; as well as “Scalability”, “Change Management” and “Acceptance of SMS”.

Closing the week and within the framework of this symposium, sessions were held on topics such as “Protection of safety information” and “Acceptable level of performance in matters of Operational Safety (ALoSP)”.

Link: https://www.icao.int/Meetings/SM2018NACC_SAM/Pages/default.aspx

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