The 5th meeting of AIG authorities of the SAM Region (AIG-SAM / 5) will be held from October 3 to 5, 2018 in Medellín, Colombia.

Within the framework of the ARCM, working groups made up of specialists from the region will develop various study notes, which will then be presented to the Executive Committee.

There will be studies and analysis on data validation procedures and cooperation in the loading of accidents/incidents of the SAM region and on the issued recommendations that have arisen from the investigation of accidents/incidents in agricultural aviation and training flights.

The meeting will end on October 5 with a discussion forum in which both industry representatives and member states will participate.

Working Papers for AIG-SAM/5:

  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 01 Dates for meetings and ARCM Activity Plan (view)
    • AIG-SAM/5 WP 01 Appendix A (view)
    • AIG-SAM/5 WP 01 Appendix B (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 02 ARCM Executive Committee Presidency election (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 03 New version of the procedures manual (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 04 Training flight SAM region (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 05 Agricultural aviation SAM region (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 06 SDCPS review (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 07 Definition of competencies (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 08 Proposal of an investigation management system (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 09 Use of ADREP / ECCAIRS in a State’s SSP (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 10 Special observers (view)
  • AIG-SAM/5 WP 11 Runway Excursion Data Management (view)

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