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First Safety Recommendation of the ARCM

Included in the final report of the IV Meeting AIG / SAM-4. It aims to mitigate the number of accidents or incidents included in the category “Track Excursion” (RE – Runway Excursion), in a harmonized manner for all the States of the region.

The first Comprehensive Safety Recommendation (RSO) for all the States of the SAM region proposes to “generate and / or intensify appropriate actions in the stages of training and instruction” among its air service operators.

The proposal arose as a result of the work carried out by an ad hoc multinational group, presented as NE 11 at the recent AIG-SAM / 4 meeting in Brasilia, Brazil. The “track excursion task force” of the ARCM analyzed the totality of events included in this category during 2016, as reported by all the countries of the SAM Region.

The general RSO of the ARCM indicates that “States must promote mitigation measures to generate and / or intensify adequate training and instruction among their air service operators during the initial or recurrent training stage, which allows crews to identify and act on the variables that make up the triggers of a RE. Emphasizing that in the instruction be taken into account the particular analyzes of the airports where the flights and types of aircraft are made“.


Workshop on incidents and accidents for safety investigators

The so called Safety Week, organized by the JIAAC from November 13 to 17, 2017, began with the “Workshop on Incidents and Accidents Safety Investigations” by BEA, the accident investigation agency (AIG) of France.

Pamela Suárez, president of the ARCM Executive Committee, was in charge of the opening of this unprecedented workshop of international level that had an important participation of researchers from both Argentina and the SAM region, within the framework of the AIG Regional Cooperation Mechanism ( ARCM).

In his speech he highlighted the importance of three fundamental axes for accident investigation: training, cooperation and openness to the community.

Suárez emphasized the role of training as a fundamental tool for the progress of the activity, highlighting the importance that this type of workshops of the highest international level acquire.

In this context, he deeply appreciated the excellent predisposition shown by the authorities of the European AIG body and all the States of the SAM Region that are actively participating.

AIG-SAM/4 The Fourth Meeting of South American AIG Authorities


The Fourth Meeting of South American AIG Authorities  will be held at the Aeronautical Accident Investigation and Prevention Center (CENIPA) in Brasilia, Brazil,

from 23 to 25 May 2017.

General Information


Agenda item 1: Draft agenda, explanatory notes and working schedule approval

Agenda item 2: ARCM implementation progress.

Agenda item 3: AIG cooperation agreement among the ARCM States

Agenda item 4: Revision of AIG regulations

Agenda item 5: ARCM AIG training programme review

Agenda item 6: ARCM Safety data collection and processing system (SDCPS) implementation progress

Agenda item 7: Investigation of non-serious incidents

Agenda item 8: Report on the 2016 ARCM activity programme compliance

Agenda item 9: Review of the ARCM activity programme approved for 2017

Agenda item 10: ARCM States AIG rules, procedures and training harmonization needs

Agenda item 11: South American ARCM multinational investigator certification

Agenda item 12: ARCM States AIG protocol questions revision process results

Agenda item 13: Results of the assessment carried out by the ARCM runway excursion (RE) task force regarding RE occurred in the SAM Region in 2016

Agenda item 14: 2016 ARCM flight safety report

Agenda item 15: Case study: TAME EMBRAER 190, LAMIA AVRO and AEROSUCRE BOEING 727 aircrafts accidents analysis

Agenda item 16: Other agenda items:

a) ARCM web page enhancement

b) Migration from SDCPS to SAM Regional Office

c) Headquarters’ proposal for the Fifth South American AIG Authorities Meeting (AIG-SAM/5).

d) Contribution to the environment during the aircrafts accidents investigation

e) Assistance to victims of aeronautical accidents and support to their families from the AIG Authority

f) Presentation of the activities being developed by the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Panamerica (RASG-PA), Pan America — Regional Aviation Safety Team (PA-RAST) and near miss collisions (MAC) team

g) Second Global Runway Safety Symposium (GRSS/2), Lima, Peru, from 20 to 22 November 2017.

Open Invitation: Multinational Investigator

The invitation for Multinational Accident and Incident Investigator is now open with the purpose of creating an Investigators Bank that will allow the ARCM member States to have trained experts and specialists in that area.

To be registered you must fill in the following forms and send them by email to the following email addresses: , ,

Form I

Form II

Form III

Signing of Multinational Agreement

During the Third AIG Meeting held in Lima 7-9 March, the Multinational Agreement was signed in the framework of the ARCM among the South American Accident Investigation Organizations and/or Civil Aviation Authorities in order to formalize cooperation for the accident and incident investigation of the SAM Region


  • Marcos COSTA (Chief of ICAO´s Accident Investigation Section)
  • Pamela SUÁREZ (Chairman of the ARCM Executive Committee)
  • Oscar QUESADA (ICAO South American Deputy Regional Director)
  • Marcelo UREÑA (Safety Regional Officer)

States that signed:

  • ARGENTINA – Pamela SUÁREZ (JIAAC President)
  • BOLIVIA– Franz Ronald TAMAYO DE LA ROCHA (Safety Director)
  • COLOMBIA– Gustavo Adolfo IRIARTE (AIG Chief)
  • ECUADOR– Armando DURÁN NUÑEZ (JIA President)
  • PANAMA– Robert KATZ (AAC Deputy Director)
  • PERU– Fernando MELGAR (CIAA President)
  • URUGUAY– Ruben VILLAGRA (CIAIA Director)

Countries that will sign: Brazil- Chile- Paraguay- Suriname- Venezuela.